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Cotswold Wildlife Park

On Friday 13th October, the Eco-Warrior group took a trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. We spent the day exploring the park and admiring the variety of animals that live on our planet.
It was an amazing opportunity for us to connect with nature and understand why conservation is so important. As students, we fully understand our responsibility to help protect these animals from the threat of extinction. Our visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park reminded us how crucial it is for our school to be involved in preserving ecosystems and precious species that call Earth their home.

To gain a better understanding, we listened to a workshop about the conservation of animals within the African Region. We learnt that most of the conserved animals in the Cotswolds are endangered because of our demand for their eggs and other produce, as well as the pollution around the area of inhabitancy. For example, people in Chile and Peru are raiding penguin nests for their eggs to be sold to the highest bidder. The fish that penguins eat are also scarce due to the pollution of the waters mainly created by ships and single-use plastics.

As a school have now taken the opportunity to have a dedicated plastic bottle bin which we can use to recycle our plastics.
We also learnt about the White Stalk foundation, which aims to reunite the White Stalk with England, as it has recently become extinct in our region. They can do this by bringing White Stalks from Poland to England and breeding them in the North and the South.
We had a great time and now have the knowledge needed to improve our school’s biodiversity and eco-friendliness.
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