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Working from Home

Getting started on Microsoft Teams

Please click here to view a guide on how to get started on MS 365 and Teams.

From one single platform all tasks, assessments, assignments and quiz type activities can be accessed and completed online. An important function is the ‘Files’ category, where a bank of subject specific resources can be uploaded ready for students to access and refer to. In some subjects students are also expected to use Notebook.

Students, who have not yet familiarised themselves with Teams should to do the following:

Download Office 365 onto their devices (this is free through the school)

  1. Download the MS Teams app onto their phone, laptop or tablet
  2. Download MS Word, PowerPoint and One Note onto their phones, laptop or tablet (Click here for guide)
  3. Become familiar with their school email address and password
  4. Watch the short tutorial videos found below;

Office 365 & MS Teams on Consoles and Smart devices 

You can also use Office 365 and MS Teams on gaming consoles and most Smart devices including TV’s. This is because the software is flexible enough to work in any web browser and these devices all have built-in web browsers such as Edge and Chrome.

To do this you need to open the browser application on the device you want to load Office 365 or Teams on, search for Office 365 login page, load the page and login like you normally would with your school account.

This would not be our recommended method of your child accessing their school email or MS Teams but if your household is sharing access to a PC or laptop, using a game console or Smart TV appropriately may offer a solution to some of the challenges.

As with all new initiatives, time is required to embed the new functions of the technology. Please allow for some settling-in issues, for both staff and students, as everyone becomes more familiar with the MS platform.

Please be reassured that on-going support will be available, to ensure that this move remains accessible to all. If there should difficulties in accessing MS Teams, please make contact with subject teachers and tutors in the first instance.

Click the below thumbnail to view a guide on how students can access their MS/Office 365 account and view/submit homework set for their various classes.

Top 10 Tips for Remote Learning

Remote learning can be a great way to continue learning outside the classroom, particularly in difficult circumstances. For students, it’s the perfect way to ensure they still receive the education they need, despite not being at school. However, it also requires a level of discipline and careful planning. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help students understand different aspects of remote learning and to support them in ensuring their experience is as safe and secure as it can be.

Additional Support

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