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Thought For The Week 1st June 2020

Focus Safety

Dear Tutor Group,

I hope you are all well and had a good half term break. The weather has remained consistently warm, sunny and bright for quite some time now: officially, we have just had the sunniest spring on record!

Thankfully, the ‘lockdown’ we have endured is gradually starting to ease, with many people able to return to work and school; there is a phased return for some GMS students this week.

One of the inevitable consequences of this happening is that our roads have become much busier. All pedestrians who have become used to walking in roads, to observe social-distancing rules, will have to stop doing so, as this is no longer a safe option. All cyclists have to take care now that there are more vehicles using the roads. The number of cyclists on the roads dramatically increased during lockdown, I have no doubt that many of you cycled as a way to exercise. GMS is asking you to be careful as a pedestrian or cyclist as motorised traffic increases, because not all drivers are as aware of pedestrians or cyclists as they should be.

This Thought for the Week asks all our students to be aware of the highway code: the rules that ensure safety. Use the links below to remind yourself of good practice when walking, cycling, waiting for a bus and being a passenger in a car. Do have a look at them as they contain really valuable advice:

Thought For The Week 18th May 2020

Time to celebrate and time to take care of yourselves!

Eid Al Fitr Sat 23rd, Sun 24th May and Mental Health Awareness Week 18th May

Dear students,

As we draw this half term to a close on Friday, many members of our community will be celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, which begins on Saturday 23rd and ends on Sunday 24th May. It marks the end of the fasting month, Ramadan: preparations across the nation are now underway in anticipation of this great celebration. Attached is some information found on the Aljazeera website, which explains the importance of the festival Eid; there are also a few details about how the pandemic we are currently in has affected Ramadan this year.

One of the key themes associated with Ramadan is that of self-control: Muslims must exert self-discipline during daylight fasting hours. Self-control is also something that all of us have had to demonstrate in one way or another. An obvious example was the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” message, which meant that all of us had to stay contained within our own homes and find alternative ways of going about our daily routines. Do have a read of the attached document – it is really insightful.

To all Muslim members of our community: Eid sa’id!

We are currently in the middle of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for this year is ‘kindness’. As a school we really want to shine a light on the ways that kindness is already flowering at this time. Locally and nationally kindness has been witnessed in abundance. It was seen it in the eyes of 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore  as he walked his garden to raise money for the NHS, and in the charities and groups responding to more local needs.

Applied kindness has a transformative impact on our schools, places of work, communities and families. As the former Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said, “Now is a time to put values above valuations.” We must seize this time to shape a society that tips the balance in favour of good mental health for all of us, but especially for those who are most vulnerable. There are so many links and resources on the GMS website that can support all of us in our time of need.

As kindness is this year’s theme of Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s share our stories:  please email to share acts of kindness you have experienced or have offered to others. Already stories are emerging of GMS students who have been kind and made a difference to their family and community. Share your act of kindness to celebrate this feature of humanity.

Finally, we would like to wish you all an enjoyable and safe half term holiday.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, take care and look after yourselves.

Attachment: Eid al-Fitr 2020

Thought For The Week 11th May 2020

Staying Healthy and Doing Your “Personal Best”

Dear Tutor Group,

I hope you are all keeping well, and you enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend. Although different, it hopefully did allow a break from the norm and a chance to appreciate the sacrifice that was made by the armed forces 75 years ago. You are all making your own sacrifice at the moment and it will be spoken about in 75 years’ time by future generations, I am sure.

This week’s focus is on staying healthy. Exercise is not only important for our physical health, but is also important for our mental health. According to the official NHS guidance, there are two types of physical activity that young people need to do each week in order to stay healthy: running and aerobic exercises to strengthen muscles and bones. The advice is to aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a day across the week. The guidance also advises all young people to reduce the number of hours spent in inactivity. It is very important to break up the time spent in front of a computer with some form of activity, such as walking or bike riding. Why not have a go at the PE Department challenge? Every day a new challenge is released by a member of the PE staff, a video of the challenge is uploaded to the GMS PE Instagram page. To see a preview, go to the front page of the website.

Part of staying healthy is about what we eat. During this period of lockdown the temptation is to reach for unhealthy food. To counteract this temptation, I would like to collate a collection of healthy snacks. They need to be quick and easy to prepare, requiring minimal fuss, and without creating a mess in the kitchen. Please send me your ideas and I will pick the top ten to share with the tutor group as soon as possible. Extra “brownie” points for pictures of ones you make!

As well as exercise and healthy eating, I wonder what else have you been doing to stay healthy. Some of you might be thriving on routine and regular activities. Others may find wearing certain clothes help with concentration or keeping calm. Here is an idea from Young Minds, an organisation that supports young people with their mental health. It is a link to a clip about creating a self-soothe box.

Finally, I wish to celebrate and continue to share your Personal Best successes in The Voice and on the website. I would particularly appreciate seeing pictures, videos and stories of how you and your family celebrated VE Day.

Please send your contributions to info@ and copy me (email address) into the message so I can keep up to date with of all the great things you are achieving.

As always, take care and stay safe.

Thought For The Week 4th May 2020

My Personal Best – The 6 R’s

Dear students,

I hope that your week is going well and that you are managing to balance work and leisure time.

Last week’s Thought For The Week focused on mental health during lockdown and ideas for how one can make the best of a difficult situation.

This week we are focusing on the school’s 6 Rs, these being:

  1. Resilience
  2. Reflection
  3. Readiness
  4. Resourcefulness
  5. Responsibility
  6. Respect

These six words should hopefully be quite familiar to you by now!

This week, we would like you quite simply to think about how you have demonstrated each of those 6 Rs during lockdown. Upon reflection, you may find that some of those R words have been more difficult for you to achieve than some of the others; for example, resilience may be particularly hard at times, especially for those who find lockdown especially difficult.

Do remember however that sometimes setbacks occur or circumstances become more challenging at certain times, but just because things don’t always go right, or are difficult, it does not mean that you are not moving forwards or not doing things in the right way. In my opinion, resilience is key to demonstrating the other Rs:

“It’s your ability to withstand adversity and bounce back and grow despite life’s downturns,” (Amit Sood, Global Center for Resiliency and Well-Being). “Resilience is … like climbing a mountain without a trail map. It takes time, strength, and help from people around you, and you’ll likely experience setbacks along the way. But eventually you reach the top and look back at how far you’ve come.”

So, with that in mind, how can you demonstrate R qualities? I’ve put an example next to each quality but try to come up with at least one of your own for each. If you would like to please reply with some of your examples.

Resilience: reminding yourself that lockdown is a temporary phase and that there are many different coping strategies
Reflection: asking yourself what the positives and the negatives from lockdown have been; what can we learn from it?
Readiness: understanding and preparing for adapting your routine for online education
Resourcefulness: thinking creatively or flexibly about how to eat well in the absence of certain food types/ingredients
Responsibility: ensuring you are keeping as tidy as possible around the house
Respect: accepting that other people in your household may have different coping strategies and experience different emotions to you at certain times.

We look forward to seeing each of you as soon as possible and hopefully we will have more information in the next few coming days or weeks as to when that might happen. In the meantime, please do continue to observe the lockdown rules – as time passes, it is likely that lockdown is becoming increasingly difficult for some, especially as the weather, on the whole, has been sunny and warm. Lockdown does seem to be having a significant impact on containing the spread of the virus and it’s therefore important that we don’t undo all of the effort that people up and down the country have been putting in during these challenging times. So: stay home, protect the NHS, and stay safe!

Best wishes from all at Great Marlow School

Thought For The Week 27th April 2020

Dear students,

We hope you are managing to stay safe and well and that you are coping with the lockdown measures currently in place.

It’s clear from news reports and feedback from local communities that these circumstances are affecting people in many different ways. A number of people have said that, on balance, they are coping without too many issues and that isolating themselves has opened up a range of new opportunities for them. Others have said that sometimes they feel ok while at other times they find the lockdown procedure to be difficult to live with. A lot of people have found self-isolating to be very difficult throughout the whole of the lockdown procedure in the last five weeks or so for a number of different reasons. We must of course also think of those in our communities who, sadly, will have lost family members, friends and colleagues, and be affected by the strong emotions which accompany such losses.

As a result of these necessary restrictions imposed on us, we must, as always, think of our mental health. We will all have different ways of getting through this period of social isolation. Below are some links for you and your parents/guardians to have a look at. They cover a range of approaches to coping with the lockdown and even, at times, approaching it with a completely different mindset.

Finally, this link takes you to a challenge which encourages people to connect with others through a range of different activities. You will need to sign up for a pack which will be sent out on Thursday 30th April.

As ever, we all need to continue to do what we can to help others, save lives and protect the NHS, so stay home and stay safe!

Best wishes from all of us here at Great Marlow School.

Thought For The Week 20th April 2020

We hope you have had a pleasant (if strange!) Easter break and are back into the swing of this half term.

In light of our current circumstances, Online Safety is an important issue to consider because the internet has been once again a crucial tool in helping people connect, socially and for work or urgent matters.

It’s difficult to predict but how we have been using the internet in recent weeks could have an impact on how we operate as a society once we resume our lives after lockdown. For example, will we see more people working from home? Will this lead to a rise in the number of empty office buildings around the world? Could we convert the empty buildings into homes?

What other impact could the increased use of online activity have on society in your opinion?

Have you had any positive/ new experiences online as a result of the current lockdown situation? A lot of people have been using Zoom, for example, as a way of connecting with their friends, hosting quizzes and even dinner parties! What other examples have you seen?

As always, being online involves operating safely. Below is a link to thinkuknow which has answers to many questions around internet safety as well as other issues related to people of your age. Do take the time to click on the appropriate link below and read through some of the advice given.

Online Safety

We hope that you have a great week. Remember – stay safe and stay indoors!

Best wishes from all at Great Marlow School.

Thought For The Week 30th March 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are managing to keep safe and well and that you are managing to adapt to the challenging circumstances that we are all facing.

In amongst all of these current challenges is the perception, by an increasing number of people, that there are many positive aspects to this situation that should be celebrated. Have a look at the linked video. How far do you agree with what it says?

Easter will soon be upon us and common themes for this time of the year are hope and new life, for example. What links can you find between those themes and the current global situation discussed in the video?

More than ever before, life requires us to be resilient, resourceful, respectful and responsible. You may not always find this easy, however, and it’s useful to know that there’s always support out there, should you need it:

Below is a link to ideas on how to keep yourself busy. While its focus is often on younger children, many of these ideas can be adapted to suit your own age. This is especially important at a time when our movements and normal activities are very limited as a result of current guidelines.

We wish every one of you a safe and happy Easter,

Best wishes from all at Great Marlow School.

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Top 10 Tips for Remote Learning

Remote learning can be a great way to continue learning outside the classroom, particularly in difficult circumstances. For students, it’s the perfect way to ensure they still receive the education they need, despite not being at school. However, it also requires a level of discipline and careful planning. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help students understand different aspects of remote learning and to support them in ensuring their experience is as safe and secure as it can be.

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