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Parents’ and Carers’ Evenings

Parents and carers have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers every year. These evenings are an important way for parents, carers, students and staff to meet in person to discuss the work being completed in subject areas. They also provide an opportunity to consider the progress being made and identify any areas for development.

The parents and carers of Great Marlow School book appointments with staff via an online service. This is more efficient than a paper process; it is environmentally paper free, and has the added bonus that a paper copy cannot be lost or mislaid.

However, during the autumn term 2020, Parents’ Evenings have shifted to being virtual, due to Government guidelines.

Before a consultation evening takes place, parents and carers are sent a Groupcall Messenger notification giving the dates and times when the online booking service is available. The information is also posted on the front page of the website.

Parents and carers are given approximately a week to reserve times with the staff they wish to see. All appointments are confirmed by an email to the parent or carer.

Occasionally, a subject teacher may not have any remaining appointment times that match the times that a parent/carer is able to attend. In this instance, the parent/carer should contact the subject teacher directly, via the school office, in order to discuss their child’s progress and attainment.

In face-to-face parents’ evenings, GMS allocate five minutes per appointment, and the school does all that it can to minimise waiting times between appointments. However, please note, in a virtual meeting, parents/carers and teacher have a dedicated time slot and the software ends the appointment when the time is up.

It is worth noting that Parents’ Evenings are aimed at discussing attainment and progress in subject areas and that teaching staff with multiple roles, such as form tutors, may not have appointments available to discuss more general or wider matters, and that these queries should be directed to the relevant staff member through the school office. The login address is A guide on how to make appointments is available on the website by clicking here

Please note, to login the following information is required:

· Surname of Parent or Carer

· Student’s First Name

· Student’s Surname

· Student’s Date of Birth

For those who do not have access to the internet, an appointment can be made by contacting the school directly; the office staff will make appointments on your behalf.

Feedback is welcomed, because that is how GMS can improve upon the service offered.


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