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UCAS/Next Steps


In Year 12, it is important for students to start thinking about university courses. Students need to choose universities and research the grade requirements for the courses they like.

Log onto Click on “Find a course”. If students search by subject, they will see that there are literally hundreds of choices, arranged in alphabetical order.

GMS urges students to spend time clicking through the list to see what is on offer. Once a course is selected, research all the institutions that offer that course.

University websites are interesting to browse, they give details about what grades are required for each course and give details of extra-curricular opportunities available.


A Level

A* A B C D E
56 48 40 32 24 16


Year 12

Do you know what you are studying A-levels for?

To continue on into Year 13, you will need at least 2 Grade Es in your mock examinations at the end of year 12, along with consent from your subject teachers.

Realise the impact of not passing Year 12 – you will either have to repeat the year again, or leave Great Marlow.

Make yourself aware of what points are needed for the course/path you wish to follow at a selection of universities ASAP. Then you‘ll know how hard you need to work! Leaving it until next year will be too late.

Year 13

You should know what points are required for the course you wish to study at each university you wish to apply to.

Be realistic in your choices. Bear in mind your predicted grades, which you should all know, and add up the total score. Only apply to universities which require roughly similar total point scores.

Once you‘ve applied through UCAS, you will be sent CONDITIONAL OFFERS. This means the university will more than likely offer you a place, providing you meet their point score total when you get your A Level results in August.

Download the school’s UCAS / Next Steps Guide
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