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School Nurse

Children Who Fall Ill at School  

Students who are ill during the school day are treated, in the first instant, by the nurse the nurse decides if a parent or carer needs to be contacted. It is not acceptable for students to telephone their parents or carers directly or for parents and carers to remove their son/daughter without the permission of the school nurse. If parent or carer hears from their child that they feel ill, it is imperative they contact the school and inform the nurse. The child will be assessed and a telephone conversation with home will take place before the child is collected.

Asthma Inhalers, Epipens and all other Medication 

All parents and carers must return the ‘Parental Agreement to Administer Medicine’ form which is in the admission pack, giving permission for the school to administer the Epipen, inhalers and all other medication.  It is the responsibility of parents and carers to make sure that medication provided is not past its use-by-date.

If your child requires to use either an asthma inhaler or an Epipen parents and carers should provide a spare, clearly marked with the student’s name, for the nurse to keep in the event of an emergency.

The School Nurse 

Mrs Michelle Walker is a qualified nurse and midwife who has years of experience in NHS hospitals. Her hours of work are Monday to Friday, term time and her expertise and experience are greatly valued.
Mrs Walker is situated in T Block in a recently built medical room and office. This allows her to care for the children in a comfortable environment, which ensures students with medical conditions, personal to them, can be assessed and monitored in a safe way. She administers medicine as required by the student and consented by parent or carer.
The school nurse facilitates the vaccination programme for the Year 8 girls (HPV vaccination), and the entire Year 9 cohort (Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio (Td/IPV)   and Meningococcal ACWY vaccinations.
She produces medical reports for all school trips and provides first aid kits along with an emergency asthma inhaler and emergency epipen.
There are also a number of other staff first aid trained and this aids the school nurse on the school site.
Increasingly, she is involved in issues of safeguarding, as this becomes higher in profile across the educational establishments.
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