Bobmore Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1JE
Telephone - 01628 483 752
Company Registration No.07690054

Documents & Policies

Policy Name
Admissions Policy (Current) 2024/25 (Future Policy PDF)
Accessibility Policy & Plan (PDF)
Anti Bullying & Anti Harassment Policy (Adult) (PDF)
Articles of Association (PDF)
Attendance for Learning Policy (PDF)
Behaviour for Learning & Anti Bullying (PDF)
Behaviour Principles Statement (PDF)
Boat Club Membership Agreement (PDF)
Catch Up Premium Plan (PDF)
Centre Assessed Teacher Grading Policy (PDF)
Charging & Remissions Policy (PDF)
Code of Conduct Employees (PDF)
Complaints and Resolutions Procedure (PDF)
COVID 19 Latest Guidance
Curriculum Statement and Policy (PDF)
Disciplinary Procedure for Misconduct – All Employees (PDF)
Disciplinary Rules for All Employees (PDF)
Drugs Policy (PDF)
Educational Visits Policy (PDF)
E-Learning and Online Safety Policy (PDF)
Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion Policy (PDF)
Equality Duty Statement
First Aid & Supporting Students With Medical Conditions (PDF)
Policy Name
Health and Safety Policy (PDF)
Home School Partnership (PDF)
ICT Acceptable Use Policy – Student / Visitors (PDF)
No Smoking/Vaping Policy (PDF)
Personal Information Consent Form (PDF)
Physical Intervention and Use of Reasonable Force (PDF)
Privacy Statement & Policy Including GDPR (PDF)
Provider Access Policy (PDF)
Recruitment Selection Policy & Procedure (PDF)
Relationships and Sex Education Policy (PDF)
Religious Education Withdrawal Policy (PDF)
Remote Learning Policy (PDF)
Safeguarding at GMS
Sixth Form Admissions Policy
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy (PDF)
Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Policy (PDF)
Teaching and Learning Policy (PDF)
Travelling to & from GMS (PDF)
Trustee Allowances Policy (PDF)
Trusts Funding Agreement (PDF)
Tuition Fund Statement – Years 16-19
Uniform and Jewellery
Whistle Blowing Policy & Procedure (PDF)
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