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Communication & Payment

We place great importance on communicating with you as frequently as possible so that everyone is kept informed. As you may be aware sending letters home via pupils is not always the most speedy and reliable way of doing this.

We use a service called Messenger which enables us to send letters, messages to you by email and the Xpressions App. We can in the event of an emergency also communicate with you by text message.

In order to use this service we need to make sure your email addresses and mobile telephone numbers are up to date. Do let us know if your contact details have changed. The service is registered with the Data Protection Registrar and guarantees that all information supplied will be kept completely private.

The Xpressions App is an addition tool which is linked into messenger and allows you, as parent/carers to see your child’s timetable, attendance, behaviour & achievement points as well as notifications we have pushed out via Messenger. More information can be found under Parent & Carers —> Groupcall Xpressions menu.


If there are heavy falls of snow during the winter we try to keep the school open as much as we can but we are dependent on school buses.  We will aim to make an early decision if we are to close the school for a day, a message will be put on the homepage of the website and a message will be sent out via Messenger. We also notify Bucks County Council who manage the transport arrangements and will notify Marlow FM. More information can be found under the Welcome —> Contact Us, Absences & Closures.

ALL activities are paid for using either WisePay or the Parent Pay Shop. If for any reason you are unable to use WisePay or the Parent Pay Shop we can arrange for you to use PayPoint. Please contact the Finance Office for details at:

WisePay® offers you the freedom to make internet payments, safe in the knowledge that the technology uses the highest internet security available. Once registered your family will have a secure online account, which can be accessed with a unique user ID and password. You can change these to something you will easily remember. Making a payment is easy, you simply select the item to pay and follow the instructions to complete your payment. ParentPay® holds an electronic record of your payments to view at a later date should you wish. Your log on details will be sent to you in mid July and you will be able to make online payments for school meals from August onwards.


We operate a cashless catering system as we find this provides a faster and better quality of service and when combined with on line payment via ParentPay® it reduces the need for pupils to bring cash into school. The system is biometric so there is no need to carry a card as the system will recognise the thumb of your child at the revaluation pay point and at the till. Actual thumb prints are not stored in the system – once registered the print is converted to a numerical system.

There are two methods of payment:-

  1. Coin and note payments in advance through the revaluation pay points located in the canteen.
  2. Secure online payments using your credit or debit card through a system called ParentPay®. Details regarding ParentPay® are enclosed in the admission pack and on the parent pay website at

Should you have a strong objection to your child being registered to the cashless catering system please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the matter. To contact the school email

The daily ‘spend limit’ is programmed into the system at £10 but this can be decreased for an individual pupil by making a written request to the school office.

Free School Meals – if applicable collect a form from the office at the front of the school.

We have also opened up a school ParentPay Shop for everyone to use even if you don’t have a ParentPay account. You will be able to purchase a number of items for your son/daughter, and over time the number of items for sale will increase to include:


  • Equipment packs
  • Art supplies
  • Revision guides/books
  • Tickets for shows
  • Hoodies/T-shirts for certain trips
  • Exam related payments

The shop can be accessed from the Resources tab on the right of the main website or via this link —> ParentPay Shop

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