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The House System

Head of House – Eagles
Head of House – Hawks
Head of House – Kites
Mr. Bradley
Mr. Pightling
Miss. Addy

Houses are an important feature of Great Marlow School. There are three Houses: Eagles, Hawks and Kites. The House colours are green for Eagles, blue for Hawks and red for Kites; students have their House colour as a prominent stripe on their tie, to show their house pride.

There are nine forms in each year group (Years 7-11), three forms from each year group in each House, meaning students in the nine forms are shared equally among the three Houses.

The House System offers opportunities for healthy competition between Houses through a range of activities to suit all students and build a sense of teamwork, resilience and respect. Competitions include: sports (culminating in sports day), rowing, charity fundraisers, art and design competitions, news quizzes and countless others. A diverse range of competitions are planned regularly throughout the school year, meaning it’s never too late to earn points for your house.

The House system is deeply rooted in the school’s ‘My Personal Best’ values and offers the chance to foster a sense of loyalty to a wider spectrum of students than just their form and year group. At the end of the academic year, a House is chosen to be awarded the House Cup. The House Cup reflects the effort and contribution that the Houses have respectively made to school life over the academic year and is a widely respected accolade among students and staff at Great Marlow School.

Students in Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to apply and become a House Captain. This is a prestigious role, with duties that include being a positive role model; developing the identity of their House; co-delivering House competitions and assemblies; and being involved with important whole-school events such as Year 6 Induction Day.
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