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School Catering

Innovate Services provide a highly successful catering operation on behalf of GMS, offering a wide range of healthy food options that follows the government’s guidelines on school meal provisions.

Breakfast is provided between 8.00 and 8.35 am. At break time snacks and drinks are available and at lunchtime a full cafeteria system operates.
A range of food is offered for sale including a different main meal every day. A choice of pasta, baked potato, sandwiches, paninis, soup and salads are on offer. A range of healthy drinks can also be purchased. All food is subject to availability of seasonal produce.

Hot & Cold
& Go
Homebaked &
Sweet Treats
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Some students prefer to bring sandwiches and supplement them with items from the cafeteria. Provision is made for all food to be eaten in designated dining areas and students should not eat in any other part of the school.  There is seating in the canteen as well as outside, where umbrellas provide protection against inclement the weather. Students should not bring fizzy drinks, crisps, crisp type products, sweets, confectionery, chocolate or chocolate covered bars into school.

The school canteen operates a cashless catering system with the facility for parents to pay on-line for school meals. When a child starts at Great Marlow their thumbprint is scanned and converted to a numerical system. This allows them to purchase food when they have credit in their account.
If you believe your child may be eligible for free school meals, please contact the school for further information. All students of compulsory school age must remain on the site during the lunchtime.

Every day there is a 2-course meal provided at lunchtime for £2.20
. Both vegetarian and meat options are available.

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