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“Prefect is one of the top roles a student can have at a school. You are now working with the teachers to create a better place to learn, and a mature, helpful prefect is sure to be trusted.”


Head Girl: Stephanie Howie – Head Boy: Max Boreham

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Heads and Deputies:
Back Row: Jack Preece, Max Boreham
Front Row: Zoe Stout, Stephanie Howie


YEAR 11 PREFECTS 2017-18

There are currently over 60 Year 11 prefects at Great Marlow School. These prefects act as student leaders and work with both staff and students to help ensure the smooth running of the school and to help promote a respectful working environment. As part of their role, prefects aim to promote a positive image of Great Marlow School to staff, students, parents, carers and the wider community.

As Year 11 prefects are ambassadors for the school and act as role models their responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out break and lunch time duties in order to encourage other students to look after their environment, not to drop litter and to behave in a respectful and responsible manner.
  • Contributing to the wider school community and extended learning by becoming involved in after school activities and by acting as ambassadors at school events throughout the year.
  • Playing a lead role in Open Evening by conducting tours around the school and interacting with the visitors in a mature manner.
  • Helping with the transition of Year 7 students into the school by supporting form groups and acting as role models to the new intake.

The role of school prefect is an important one. Students who undertake this role benefit from the leadership experience it provides. They learn the importance of taking on responsibilities within the school. As importantly, prefects develop their skills in communication, by interacting effectively with members of staff and their peers.

Year 11 Prefects for 2017-2018

Year 11 Prefects 2017-18

Freddie Noel-Baker

Ella Goff

Jasmin Bains

Jessie Amos

Hartlee Openiano

Tiffany Goodchild

Sophie Tipler

Toby Broyhill Fogg

Helen Windsor

Louise Tillier

Corinne Fisher

Jessie Mcauley

Hugo Salinas

Jemma Bowler

Sophie Smyth

Kayleigh Darroch

Alyssa Harding

Robert Petrea

Hannah Twyning

Tabi Collins

Tilly Sutcliffe

Jacob Wratten

Paul Wyborn

Toby Lassen

Izzie Stewart

Lily Mackey

Amy Chandler

Toby Holden

Joel Langford

Freddie Sheppard

Olivia Stone

Jessamy Wright

Fiona Trew

Zainab Lakda

Rachel Burlison

Hope Smith

Jasmine Kisbee

Sakile Graham

Molly Jones

Kacie Gardiner

Peter Donkin

Isabelle Hansen

Kaleb Couch

Georgie Webb

Maisie Rhymer

Molly Griffiths

Katie Moorin

Joe Bedford

Lucy Jeneson

Kirah Moore

Thomas Rhodes

Shin Shan Stinchcombe

Jonathan White

Millie Bogie

Hannah Puttick

Harley Stevens

Flo Braybrooke

Charlie Sparks

Lucie Walker

Mia Elton

Louise Chandler

Tom Hamelink

Lucy Peace

Philip Boland

Cameron Chadwick

Aimee Salter

Alfie Flowers

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