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One to One Laptop Scheme

Great Marlow School is delighted to announce the second running of our One to One laptop scheme. We are working with a new partner in EduTech, a change from the previous year. The scheme is aimed at students in Key Stage 4 and above for the academic year September 2020/21.  This enables subject teachers to plan lessons that utilise these devices.

However the scheme is also open to the rest of the students at GMS, but we are not yet extending the lessons to utilise devices in KS3, and as such there is no expectation for students in Years 7-9 to bring in any devices to lessons.

The device on offer is fully compatible with the school’s IT systems and comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. MS Office 365 is applied for free via the ‘Free Office 365 for students‘ scheme. GMS believes having a personal laptop/tablet device significantly increases access to technology for students, which brings many benefits for learning: in turn this greatly motivates, engages and increases the understanding of complex ideas.

  • Please click here to view the One to One Laptop Scheme brochure. It includes laptop specification and package options.

The Equipment Offered

In conjunction with EduTech GMS is proud to announce an options package with flexibility and variety. The preferred device is still the HP Probook family range, which is an ideal computer for educational and home use because:

  • it is strong and sturdy to withstand daily life in school and at home
  • it is lightweight, meaning carrying it to and from school will not be a burden
  • it has a battery life of up to 11 hours; results may vary depending on what the device is used for
  • it is both a laptop and fully functioning tablet (hybrid 2-in-1) device
  • it has built-in touchscreen technology
  • the expected delivery is for the start of the new academic year September 2020/21
  • every order comes with a carrier case for the laptop

How the Device is Funded

Parents and carers chose whether to pay via fixed monthly direct debit or a one off cash payment option. Benefits include:

  • no payment is taken out until the 1st September 2020
  • choice of 3 payment methods all require NO credit checks whatsoever.
    • 12 month finance direct debit
    • 24 month finance direct debit
    • one off payment
  • significant savings on high street prices
  • one year HP warranty with an option to extend for further two years
  • fully insured for accidental damage and theft (ADT) for two years with an option to extend at the end of the term.
  • at the end of the chosen payment term the device is owned

Link to the portal site where you can place your orders has been emailed to all parent/carer(s). If you did not receive this email please contact the school via:



A. Please don’t feel you have to purchase one of these devices. If your son/daughter is going to be in KS4 this September the expectation is, every child should bring in a device to use in school. However there is no requirement to purchase one of these devices if;

1) Your child already owns a device and you are happy for them to use this in school (please be aware the school is not responsible for any damage or theft incurred onsite)

2) You want to purchase a different device for you son/daughter. Most devices will be more than suitable for GMS, as we use MS 365 suite of applications which are compatible with multiple platforms.

A. Yes, you will, at the end of the payment plan be able to further extend the ADT cover for an additional year if you want (this will also reset the number of claims back to zero if you had made any prior). Some parent/carer(s) may wish to take this up if their child is going into 6th Form and they want to have that added accidental damage cover protection for an extra year.

A. Yes there is. This refers to the ADT cover on the devices; there is a limit of 2 claims in any 12 month period and a total limit of 3 claims in a period of insurance from the same person (ie. three claims total).

A. At the end of the agreement, when the final payment is made, the device becomes yours. You will also have the option to extend the ADT cover for a further year. EduTech will make contact with you near the end of the initial term regarding this option.

A. There is a one year Collect/Return HP warranty package and a 2 year Accidental damage and Theft (ADT) cover on all 4 laptop packages as standard. They are two different things, the HP warranty covers you for any hardware faults on the device. The ADT is a more comprehensive cover, for any accidental damage done by say, spilling a drink over the laptop or cracking the screen etc, which typically wouldn’t be covered under the manufacture warranty.

A. No. First payment(s) are to be taken on the 1st September 2020. Contact from EduTech will be made slightly in advanced to confirm payment details/expectations.

A. Absolutely. The scheme is open to all students of GMS. However we are not yet extending the lessons to utilise the devices in KS3, only KS4 and above. As such there is no expectation for students in years 7-9 to bring in any devices to lessons.

A. No, everyone is approved and there aren’t any credit checks.

A. You will be provided with a policy and claims document detailing how to make a warranty or insurance claim, via an online portal.

A. Any difficulties in payment should be communicated to EduTech who will work with you in finding a solution. You will not own the device until all payments are made.

A. One device per student.

A. Nothing, as long as the payments are still made, you will will own the device at the end of your payment term.

A. The devices are expected to arrive end of August 2020 ready for to distributed beginning of the new academic year. This is subject to no further delays being applied due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

A. Yes, the student can use the device to further enhance their learning and we recommend that you set the security settings on your Wi-Fi accordingly.

A. There is no excess on either the insurance or warranty and you will receive the policy details with your device.

A. The terms available are, 12 months, 24 months or a one off payment.

A. Please email and we will be happy to assist. We email out information to all parent/carer(s) so it is advised to check we have your most up to date contact information and email address.

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