Bobmore Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1JE
Telephone - 01628 483 752
Company Registration No.07690054

Vision and Values Statement

Great Marlow School’s vision is to ensure a ‘high quality learning environment that inspires students, staff and the community to be compassionate, successful and resilient contributors that will create a better society.’

Creating Opportunities – Realising Potential – Achieving Excellence

To create opportunities, realise potential and achieve excellence, all members of the school community must adopt a shared set of values. GMS’s core values are:

  • excellence
  • compassion
  • integrity

In addition, we have introduced a whole school programme under the banner, ‘My Personal Best’, which focuses on explicitly developing and recognising the following skills:

  • reflection
  • resourcefulness
  • readiness
  • resilience
  • responsibility
  • respect

Through our vision and values, we strive to achieve the following:

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum fit for today’s world and the future, which challenges aspirations and makes achievement for all a reality.

Enable students to enjoy school, leading to them becoming lifelong learners.

Develop successful global citizens by promoting a strong sense of self-belief; collective identity; an appreciation of diversity; and the value of giving through charitable endeavours.

Develop a staff who are dynamic, highly skilled and passionate and who have a shared vision to deliver successful and outstanding teaching and learning.

Deliver a high quality safe school environment that inspires students, staff and the community to excel.

Ensure the school is financially secure through highly effective management of existing resources, while further developing our relationship with our community and commerce locally, nationally and internationally.

Drive the school forward with a clarity of vision and strategy implemented by a skilled, dedicated leadership team and governors.

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