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Uniform, Hair, Jewellery, Phones

All students in Year 7 to 11 are expected to wear school uniform. Details of the uniform are shown below. Some items are widely available in high street shops and other retail outlets. There are two local suppliers of Great Marlow School branded uniform:

  • Hawkinsport in Bourne End
  • Sportscrest in High Wycombe

Financial assistance may be available for help with uniform costs for children in receipt of free school meals. Further details are available from the school.


  • All students are expected to wear school uniform and maintain a clean and tidy appearance.
  • All students are required to have the proper kit in school for PE.
  • Wearing make-up is not encouraged. Minimal make-up with a skin tone foundation will be accepted but students will be asked to remove excessive make-up if worn.
  • It is not acceptable for students to adapt their general appearance to follow specific fashions of the day.
  • Nail extensions and acrylics are not acceptable for school. Nail varnish should not be worn.


  • Extremes of style and colour are not acceptable.
  • Tramlines/designs are not acceptable in hairstyles.

Check with the Director of Learning or student support officer if in doubt.


Students are responsible for the security of their own jewellery. The list below are the only items of jewellery allowed:

  • A small, plain single stud in each ear (to be removed for PE).
  • A plain, simple ring (to be removed for PE and Design & Technology).
  • A watch (to be removed for examinations)
  • All other body or facial piercings are not permitted: individuals will be told to remove them.



  • red polo shirt
  • black shorts or black skort
  • red football socks/white socks
  • trainers (not plimsolls)
  • shin pads
  • rugby shirt

  • tracksuit top/rain jacket
  • tracksuit bottoms
  • black base layer



All PE clothing is unbranded and can be purchased from Sport Crest High Wycombe.

  • SKIRT Only the specified skirt may be worn, which is plain black. It can be purchased from Hawkinsport or Sportscrest.
  • TROUSERS Plain black trousers in a wide leg style are the only type acceptable. They can be purchased from high street shops. Fitted or lycra-style trousers are not appropriate for school.
  • SHIRT A plain white that can be purchased from many major high street shops. Shirts should always be tucked in; top buttons should be done up; all garments worn under a shirt should not be visible.
  • TIE There is a school crested tie, in one of the three House colours. Ties can be purchased from Hawkinsport or Sportscrest. The school logo should always be visible when wearing the tie.
  • JUMPER A plain black V neck, long sleeved jumper is optional. Cardigans, sweatshirts and hooded tops are not allowed.
  • SOCKS Plain in colour. Tights should be black or neutral in colour.
  • FOOTWEAR School shoes must be plain black. Black trainers or any kind of canvas shoes are not permitted as uniform shoes; this includes plimsole or converse-style shoes, in either leather or fabric. Boots are not permitted at all in Years 7-11. If parents/carers or students are uncertain about any aspect of school footwear they are advised to contact the school before purchasing, as we do not wish to cause unnecessary expense.
  • BLAZER  A black blazer with the school badge on the breast pocket can be purchased from Hawkinsport or Sportscrest.
  • BELT A black belt, simple and plain in style.
  • COAT During the winter students should have a suitable winter coat to wear.
  • HATS A hat for warmth in winter or for sun protection in summer is permitted, but they must not be worn indoors.


During extreme weather, the school leadership team may permit a modification to the formal school uniform policy; all amendments will be communicated during form time by form tutors. Other than in extreme circumstances, students are expected to always wear the full school uniform.


Mobile Phones

  • The school does not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged phones.
  • Phones must be turned off during the day. This includes break and lunchtime.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used in lessons, or between lessons unless clearly authorised by the teacher responsible for the class. Any breach of this rule will result in the phone being confiscated and safely stored at reception. On the first occasion, the student will have the opportunity to discuss the matter with a member of the senior leadership team and potentially retrieve it at the end of the day. On subsequent occasions, the phone may need to be collected by a parent/carer at a meeting at the end of the school day.  A record is kept so the confiscation of mobile phones is monitored.
  • Repeat offenders may be required to hand their device to their student support officer at the start of the day, or be asked not to bring a device to school.

I-pods, MP3 Players and other electrical items 

  • The school does not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged electrical devices.
  • If used during the school day they will be confiscated and kept safely in reception.

Students are responsible for their possessions.

In games lessons, and whenever else required, watches and money should be kept in lockers or handed in for safe keeping.

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