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Eco-Conference 2024

Eco Conference 2024 Time Lapse Video

The sun shone, meaning the inside and outside areas of the Sixth Form Centre was used: buzzing with enthusiastic stall-holders. Each vendor wanted to raise awareness of the environment and succeeded in doing so, evidenced by the animated students, who actively engaged with the stimulating way nature, the environment, and sustainability can be achieved.

The Eco-Committee worked hard; it was a collaboration between four GMS sixth form students, two Borlase students, Phil Irwing, Miss Addy, Mrs Fortnum and Mrs Renoylds. The Eco-Committee is grateful to this resilient group for all their hard work. Everyone became involved in events management, the logistics were immense in organising and hosting such an event. The Eco-Conference was six months in development.

Students engaged in activities such as building bird boxes, making natural wax candles and understanding how polluting the meat industry is: offering tasty vegan foods changed the opinion of visitors to the idea that there is an alternative to meat.


The 34 School Eco-warriors each supported a stall in the delivery of materials. Christian Parker is now an excellent bird box builder and Hugo Bester is heading into a successful career in teaching, after his excellent performance in educating students about recycling.

At the end of the day, an exhausted Miss Addy, eco-prefects, and stall holders reflected on the total success of the day: without fail departing visitors praised and thanked them for their dedication and hard work. It was a worthwhile send-off for all the collaborators, who exhaustively planned for this interactive, stimulating, and motivating conference.

The student feedback made the event all worthwhile:

“The atmosphere was great, and bustling”

“It was brilliant”

“The event was very interesting and full of exciting vendors”

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