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Bee Hotels: Eco Warriors

The National Geographic says, “Bee hotels are places for solitary bees to make their nests. Solitary bees are much less likely to sting than honeybees because they aren’t defending a hive. Solitary bees lay their eggs in small holes. You can tell bees are using your hotel when they make a mud...

Great Results for GM Rowers

On Saturday 9th October, five crews went to Reading Small Boats Head. This was GMS’s first race of the season and the first where spectators were allowed since regulations eased. It is traditionally a popular event, with some 400 crews racing over 3 Divisions. Many top clubs, schools and universities...

FINAL RESULT Geography House Competition: Kites 420 / Hawks 250 / Eagles = 210

FINAL RESULT sees Kites as overwhelmingly House Competition winners in the Geography Local Landscape Competition. Students were challenged to take a picture that showcased their local landscape. Students were asked to submit a photograph to Mrs Messenger either electronically at

Lego Wanted

Does anyone in GMS, or our wider GMS community, have Lego bricks they no longer use and could donate to the school for use with a budding group of Lego fans? Lego has stood the test of time and still offers endless enjoyment to people of all ages. For the Retreat Group in GMS, the interlocking bricks offer...

District 64 Drama

District 64 is a local drama company that visited the Drama Department on Monday 27th September. Over 40 students were involved and benefited from their expertise. The session began with some warm-up drama-based games, which everyone enjoyed, next, the students were involved in physical drama. Such was the...

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