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Darts Match

The first official darts match for Great Marlow took place on 10th May against Highcrest School. GMS has been running a darts club, in E10, since Christmas and it is attended by a loyal group of students who come every week to perfect their game and have fun while doing so.

The event was very professional, there was walk-on music and the canteen provided refreshments. The game itself was very exciting. There were two games of 1001. GMS won the first leg, thanks to Alfie Beechey achieving the double 12 with his very first dart.

Sadly, GMS lost the second leg, as one Highcrest player finished the match with a good double before we could throw our final punishing dart.

This led to a sudden-death leg, where each player threw three darts, and it was the team with the highest total who won.

GMS narrowly lost and thus the match and trophy went to Highcrest: we congratulate them.

A rematch is being organised, both schools have generated a greater interest in the game since the match, which is good news for the game and for the students.

This is a sport that teaches students so much: how to be competitive and gracious in winning and losing; how to be supportive of others on a team; how to score using mental arithmetic; how to be accurate when throwing a dart; and how to take time to perfect hand-eye coordination.

Mr Ross would like to thank the PE Department for their support as darts is now recognised as a GMS sport and is advertised in the weekly sports bulletin. Thanks too to Mr Clark, a former GMS teacher, who liaised with Mr Ross to set up the match.

Mr Ross says he is looking forward to more darts matches and in particular winning the trophy back from Highcrest!




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