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Learning To Row

The Easter holiday started with a four day learn-to-row course, which began immediately after the end of term. Many experienced rowers helped out with this course, and Mr Murison said it was impressive to see how much progress the participants made over the four days. While this course was primarily targeted at our new Year 7s, it was also exciting that a number of students took up rowing from Year 8 and 9 and even Year 12. It is never too late to join the club, historically, a number of our stars came to the club later in their school career.

The learning to row training camp began on Easter Monday, when forty rowers and coaches departed from Marlow for their first-ever training camp away from home waters. The base was in the west country just outside Bath and everyone had a hugely productive week. The rowers were regularly averaging 40 km of rowing during the day. In the evening several hours of revision was possible for those with exams coming up. Needless to say, everyone ate very well and slept even better.

The squad returned on Friday evening, fitter, faster but pretty tired. They did enjoy a short rest before training in school, which started on the first day of the summer term.

Well done to everyone who made the most of these training courses.

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