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Training W/E Success

Training W/E Success

The GMS Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition season began successfully when  70 students from Year 9 completed their training weekend with the outdoor education company ‘Off Grid Adventures’.
The purpose of this first weekend is to prepare the students for their practice expedition, where they will walk guided by their ordinance survey map and their pre-planned route. On the expedition the students have to carry all their camping equipment and food, required for the entire weekend. It’s worth mentioning at this point that they’re not permitted to use smart phones or make purchases from shops; they need to have prepared themselves fully for the whole weekend. The award is designed to develop life skills and characteristics (responsibility, readiness, resilience, reflection, respect, resourcefulness) that will enable students to cope with what life might throw at them both now and in the future.
The 10 instructors from the Off Grid Adventures company were highly complimentary about the GMS cohort, who fully embraced the new challenges and learning experiences. Tony, who is head of the company, said that the group were a pleasure to work with due to their positive temperaments and the ‘can do’ attitude that prevailed.
The students are really excited by, and looking forward to, their first experience of camping and cooking in the wilderness, which is the main objective for their next training session, this too is in preparation for their assessed expedition in mid June.
GMS thank Mr Goodright and Mr Gilpin for their work over the weekend that ensured the preparation phase was so successful.
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