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Theatre Production: County Lines

Theatre Production: County Lines

GMS have actively engaged with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, who recently recommended inviting Applied Theatre specialists AlterEgo Creative Solutions into school to perform their highly innovative production, ‘County Lines’.

The criminal activity called “County Lines” has been much in the news. As a result of its raised profile, there is a need to tackle this form of Child Criminal Exploitation.

The theatre company set out a scenario that gave the Year 9s an insight into how the criminals go about exploiting young people. The actors gave the audience knowledge, tools and a means to identify this form of exploitation. The production offered students a way of dealing with highly persuasive people, who wish to enrol innocent young people in a dangerous form of criminal activity.

In just 50 minutes the production raised awareness:

· that the County Lines operation is criminal; how it is linked to Criminal Exploitation; and how can affects young people

· that the grooming process is effectively used by County Lines members

· that there are similarities and potential crossovers between Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

· that young people are capable of spotting the indicators of CCE and CSE, and are strong enough to seek help and  advice

Great Marlow are fully aware that CCE and CSE are highly sensitive subjects, therefore, every care has been taken to ensure that the production is hard-hitting and relevant without being graphic or offensive. The issues raised were discussed in a manner entirely relevant and suitable for the target age group.

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