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Senior Maths Challenge

This year GMS had 23 students take part in the Senior Maths Challenge. The challenge is designed for students studying A-level Maths to solve maths problems outside of the scope of the curriculum.

For the first time, we opened the challenge up to students who achieved a Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate from the Intermediate challenge taken in April of this year. Therefore students in Y10 and Y11 also took part.

All of the students did extremely well; they achieved some fabulous results.

Below are the results of the top scoring students from GMS.

Gold: Top 7% of entries in the UK
Silver: Top 13% of entries
Bronze: Top 20% of entries

Name Certificate
Dima Leshchenko Silver/Best Score in Y12
Best score in school
Isaac Grottup Silver/Best score in Y13
Chloe Shepard Silver/Best score in Y11
Maeve Blair Silver
Dasha Hryhorenko Silver
Hassan Nurein Silver
Alex Bartosz Bronze/Best score in Y10
Sophie Ras Bronze
Sara Roselli Bronze
Eleanor Anthony Bronze
Harry Critchlow Bronze
Sarrah Dean Bronze
Edward Drummond Bronze
Ruqayah Mahmood Bronze
Anastasiia Shcherbata Bronze
Oleksii Zaiats Bronze
Thomas Zheng Bronze
Alistair Wright Bronze
Monty Todd Bronze

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