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Drama: Audition Script-Christmas Carol

The Drama and Music Departments have started preparing for the 2022 Christmas production of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

All aspiring students, wishing to be part of this great show, are asked to audition, they should go to the drama studio at 3.15.  Students auditioning for major roles should attend on Wednesday 7th September. Students auditioning for more minor roles (or just wanting to be involved) should attend the audition on Thursday 8th September. It is estimated that the audition process will take just under 2 hours.

  • Thursday 8th September: auditions for main roles
    Friday 9th September: auditions for minor roles or just interested in participating

To help students prepare, the audition script is attached to the bottom of this post. There are three sections: Scrooge at the beginning of the book; the Ghost of Christmas Past; and Bob Cratchit. Each audition piece has been chosen for its speaking potential, but none of them are very long.

New students, just joining in September 2022, are welcome to learn the pieces and apply to be part of the Christmas Carol adventure.

The main role of Scrooge is going to be open to both male and female students.

The GMS teams are experienced at conducting auditions and managing the expectations of students: inevitability some will be disappointed at not securing their favourite role, but there is an understanding that a production on this scale is very much a team effort, where every role is important.

As with all other productions, there must be a commitment to attend rehearsals. A schedule of dates will be given to cast members to check with their parents and carers before they accept any role.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Mr Ross:

Audition Piece 2022

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