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The GMS Prom

Our Year 11 Prom was held on Friday June 24th at Monkton Barn. Mr Ross writes about the great event that it was.

“I write this report a few days after the Year 11 Prom. The event was so wonderfully special, the students should, as always, be really proud of how they conducted themselves. The atmosphere was magical – so much happiness was a joy to behold. The venue at Monkton Barn was stunning, and I am so glad it was held at that venue.

As the students arrived, they all looked so glamorous and very smart; they had all risen to the occasion by making a first-class effort to ‘dress in their best’; to all of us there, they looked so mature and important. Many took pictures by the glimmer wall, and I know those photos will forever be mementos of this exceptional special prom.

After a welcome drink, many headed to the dance floor, some to the tables. Whatever their choice, every one of them beamed with pleasure as they enjoyed the evening.

I have never seen a dance floor so full for so long; credit goes to the DJ who was excellent. He was very complementary about the enthusiasm of our students, which radiated a passion for the evening.

The food was enjoyed and there was plenty of it.

The Awards raised much laughter, clapping and shouting. The Awards were followed by a speech from me, thanking them for being such a special group of students. I felt the prom celebration was a perfect way for the students, and the staff, to end this cohort’s KS4 journey.

The evening ended with the DJ playing the 80s classic ‘Making Your Mind Up’ by Bucks Fizz. I tried to show the students the moves and they did join in! I said to the DJ, “I bet you don’t play that very often!”

One last song and then the students left; it was undeniably a sad and proud moment for me as this was the last goodbye. (Not forgetting Results Day, of course). The genuine way in which students said thank you meant everything, and I wish them all every success.

From the comments I have received since, it was a memorable, memorable night.

To make an evening like this a success, it took committed work from my colleagues, who worked side-by-side with me to make the occasion as good as it could be.

Firstly, I thank all the staff who came on the night, I hope they enjoyed it, saw what I saw, and took as much pride as I did in witnessing their sheer enjoyment. I would like to thank Mrs Paul for all her work with the year group. The warmth of the applause she received when I thanked her on the night was testament to how much she was appreciated.

Mrs Hayward deserves a huge thank you for all the photographs, Mrs Murray for all the letters beforehand. The finance team, deserve a huge thank you for all the payments they accepted long after the deadline; all the countless reports they did; and for moving really fast to ensure we secured Monkton Barn as the venue. Mrs Glennon, a Year 11 parent, is extended a special thank you for sourcing this venue at short notice and for offering her experience to help make this a unique experience.

After everything this cohort has endured in the three upended pandemic years, I am incredibly proud of the way they worked for, revised for, and sat their formal examinations. They deserve nothing but the best and I think they will achieve their goals. We, the GMS staff, achieved our goal of making this Prom very special indeed.

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