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Farewell Yr11

Mr Ross, Director of Learning for Year 11, writes about the final morning for the Year 11s and the Leavers’ Assembly.

“Friday, May 13th will live in my memory for a very long time. To say goodbye to a Year group I have nurtured, as they end their KS4 compulsory education, was very special and emotional.

The day was exciting, starting with the students busily signing shirts. Period 1 broke with tradition, as the Year 11s enjoyed a Leavers’ Breakfast. I thank Sam and all the canteen staff for organising this. Next, everyone went outside to have some fresh air and enjoy each other’s company; it was lovely to watch the camaraderie and honest friendship on display. Mr Higgins took some for a game of football, while other tutors busily signed shirts or gave out extra food. All involved just made sure everyone had a good time.

In Period 2, we moved to the hall. The final assembly was a very emotional experience for every student, their tutors, teaching staff and me, who were gathered together to celebrate the five years of this cohort’s school life.

Firstly, the band, Arthur McDonald, Matthew Mc Call and Harrison Taggart played expertly while the students filed in.

Mr Murison issued some rowing colours, a much-deserved accolade for the dedication shown by the rowing students.

This was followed by a slide show, lasting about 10 mins, called Year 11 Back in Time. It showed how many had changed since being new in Year 7: some had grown up, perhaps not all, though! The laughter and cheers from the students was lovely to behold. Many thanks to Mr Shaw for the work he did to make this memorable.

Moving on, the talented band sang an Oasis number, which the whole of Year 11 showed their approval of by cheering and by turning on the torchlights of their mobile phones.

Each tutor had the opportunity to say goodbye to their form, with a message that was funny and touching at the same time. Mr Plighting likened form tutors to Diamond Merchants: a lovely analogy of what the tutors do, and how successful they have been!

Mr Olubari sang a beautiful song, without any musical backing, and the students loved it. It sent a very positive message; I saw tears in the eyes of some of the staff.

Suddenly, it was my turn. I spoke to give an overview of my time with them and the pleasure they had been to lead.

Mr Grosart led us in a sing-along to finish the assembly. The rendition of Sweet Caroline and Country Roads was enthusiastically made spectacular by the hundreds of voices singing along. It was, quite simply, a wonderful atmosphere in the hall.

Finally, off they went to enjoy the rest of their day, hopefully taking in the importance of this important milestone in their lives.

I have reflected on my time with them, and I believe I have been extraordinarily lucky to have been given the opportunity to lead this cohort; to have had a great set of tutors alongside me; to have a dedicated support officer; and the encouragement of the Leadership Team. I also feel great regard for the parents and carers, who have given me such great support throughout. I am glad there is the Prom to look forward to, one more gathering of the cohort to celebrate the end of one era and herald in a new chapter.

At the time of writing the GCSEs have just started and seem to be going very well.

I wish every individual in my year group every success this year and into their future.”

The website thanks Mr Ross for this write-up that commemorates an important day in the lives of our Year 11s. We wish all of them every success.



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