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Online Safety

Online safety is really important, which is why GMS is committed to raising awareness about the risks of being online and to helping our parents and carers access professional information.

A number of years ago, the school subscribed to National Online Safety, whose mission is to “make the internet a safer place for children”. To enrol as a member go to National Online Safety Registration  or go to GMS’s website via Parent & Carers / Internet Safety.

Many parents and carers have taken advantage of this service. However, we choose to send this timely reminder of its availability because it has come to our attention that some very unpleasant material is circulating on social media platforms at the moment.

National Online Safety equips users with information about the criminal activity of those who wish to harm children. Becoming a member will empower you because ‘safety’ is central to all that they do. The courses and information packs available will improve your understanding of online dangers. Importantly, there is advice and guidance about what to do, and how to react, should an incident arise.

When enrolling, the site requires you to complete online registration: please select “I am a Parent/Carer” from the drop down menu. The site is also available direct from

Once registered you will be able to access the ‘Online Safety for Parents and Carers’ course, plus all the other National Online Safety’s resources, which includes more than 50 of the latest online platform guides to social media channels and games.

Should you have any questions, or trouble accessing the course, please contact

UK Safer Internet Centre also offers invaluable advice. Click this link to visit their site:  Staying Safe Online 


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