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Uniform Notice Summer Term 2021

Following our recent return from lockdown, the school has shown a degree of leniency towards our expectations on uniform, hair styles and jewellery. In the summer term, we expect all students to be in full school uniform, including the correct shoes. There should be no other items of clothing, for example hoodies or sweatshirts, except for an outdoor coat being worn to school.

Non-essential retail, including clothes shops, are scheduled to reopen from 12th April and uniform items can also be purchased online at Hawkinsport or Sportcrest (details can be found under ‘Parent & Carers‘ –> ‘School Uniform Shops‘ menu).

GMS would like to remind parents, carers and students about our jewellery, hairstyle and make-up policies. The only items of jewellery allowed are:

  • a small, plain single stud in each ear (to be removed for physical education lessons)  –  all other visible piercings are require removal
  • a plain, simple ring (to be removed for physical education, and design and technology lessons)
  • a watch

Minimal make-up with a skin tone foundation is acceptable. However, students will be asked to remove excessive make-up if worn and nail vanish. Excessive hairstyles, shaved patterns, panels or lines, extensions and non-natural hair colour are not permitted. Please find further details about Great Marlow School uniform and our expectations under ‘School Life’ –> ‘School Uniform, Hair and Jewellery‘ menu. Please consider the above in preparation for our return to school on the 19th April 2021.

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