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Bronze DofE

GMS and the Duke of Edinburgh promoters are delighted with the progress of the award so far: it is well underway, and students are participating in the weekly volunteering, physical and skills activities they have chosen for themselves. Many thanks to all parents and carers who have supported this in order for it to have happened so successfully.
Helen Murray asks that parents and carers please review their child’s DofE account over the New Year period because almost half the enrolled students have not submitted all three of their activity details to her. This may be because they have saved the details as a draft version, or have simply forgotten. Please look at her previous DofE Update email of 26/11, to check that your son/daughter is progressing with the award as expected at this stage.
Please note: The 3-month sections all need to be completed by March 2021.
Students should continue with their activities over the holiday period to fulfill the timescales required by the DofE Award. Helen Murray has explained that evidence can be submitted in the form of photographic, video, or online, to show participation if necessary.
Please note: Cookery and first aid students should be emailing weekly evidence to her.
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