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PE Challenges 18th – 22nd May

The PE Department has decided to continue with the GMS Sports Bulletin and run a series of COVID-19 special additions. Each week they will set five challenges for students to attempt; these will be posted to replace the sports bulletin. A video of the challenge will be uploaded to the GMS PE Instagram page.

The challenges will be fitness or skill-based. Students will have the opportunity to complete the challenge and post their scores. A “Hall of Fame” will be launched for the top three scores, or results, from each challenge during the week.

Every day a new challenge will be released by a member of the PE staff. The video will explain and demonstrate the challenge. The list of challenges for the coming week is as follows:

Monday 18th – MRS BENNETT AND MR DAY’S HOCKEY STICK KEEPY UPPY CHALLENGE How many times can you bounce a ball on the end of a hockey stick?
Don’t have a hockey stick? Try with a cricket bat or other hitting device.

Tuesday 19th – MISS ZUCCARELLO’S BURPEE CHALLENGE. How many chest to floor burpees can you do in 30 seconds?

Wednesday 20th – MR HIGGIN’S HAND TENNIS CHALLENGE CHALLENGE. How many times can you hit a tennis ball in to the wall with your hand in 1 minute.

Thursday 21st – MISS BODDY’S PRESS UP CLOCK CHALLENGE CHALLENGE. How long does it take you to move a series of items, performing a press up in-between each move?

Friday 22nd – MISS MUTTITT’S HEADSTAND CHALLENGE. How long can you hold a headstand for?

GMS PE Department is seeking more ideas for challenges. If readers have any to recommend please contact the PE Department.

There are daily posts, to PE’s Twitter handle, which is  ‘gms_pe’ and Instagram handle ‘gms_pe’.

You can also find this information on the GMS Sports bulletin Page

Hall of Fame
Mr Goodright’s Handstand Challenge Miss Zucarello’s Fitness Challenge Mr Higgins Toilet Roll Keepy Uppys Miss Porter’s Hockey Volley Challenge Mr Hollyman’s Bomb Drop Burpee
Chloe Britnell 43.79s Malachi Allick 54.30s Becky Tinnelly 22 Imogen Sharp 25 Eddie Smith 5
Mr Magnay’s Bring Sally Up Press Up Challenge Mr Maguires Skipping Challenge Mrs Porters Sock Challenge Mr Horler’s Tennis Ball Keepy-Up Challenge Mr Gilpen’s Hydration Challenge
Mr Magnay 2:06 mins Haashim Ahmed 187 Sophie Apletree 8 Mr Horler 29 Mr Gilpen 5.89s
Miss Bateman’s Puppy Dog Squat Mr Shea’s Header Challenge Mrs Bennett/ Miss Westies Worm Mr Goodright’s Broom & Ball Challenge Miss Muttitt’s Corkscrew Chest Pass
Emily Downing 27 Mr Shea 40 Mrs Bennett 7 Mr Goodright 27 Erin Anstiss 15
Mr Magnay’s Handstand Challenge Miss Boddy’s Sack Speed Bounce Mrs Legerton’s Fancy Footwork Mr Higgin’s Chipping Challenge Mrs Evans Coin Challenge
Mr Magnay 30s Barnaby Smith 79 Mr Higgins 1st Attempt Mrs Evans 18
Mrs Mesengers Around The World Miss Porters Standing Long Jump Mr Gilpin’s Passing Challenge Miss Tuddenham’s 5k Challenge Mr Slatter’s Howzat Challenge
Mrs Messenger/ Barnaby Smith 8 Miss Porter 2.40m Mr Gilpin 15m Ben Peace 20.09/ Becky Haywood 20.17 Mr Slatter 5 points
Miss Bennett’s Squat Challenge Miss Boddy’s Frying Pan Mrs Merry’s Teabag Challenge Miss Muttitt’s Dribbling Challenge BANK HOLIDAY
Miss Bennett 3.42 Miss Boddy 1.04
4 cans
Mrs Merry 5 Haashim Ahmed 107
Miss Bateman’s Toliet Roll Tower Mr Gilpin’s Conversion Challenge Miss Porters Triple Jump Mr Magnay’s Juggling Bear Crawl Mr Goodright’s Pistol Squat Challenge
Barnaby Smith 13 Mr Gilpin 8m Miss Porter 5.75m Mr Magnay 30 Mr Goodright 8
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