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Visitor to Childcare

The GMS Childcare, Level 3 Technical Diploma in Child Care and Education Sixth Form course prepares students for working in several careers, one of which is midwifery. It was a great pleasure, therefore, to invite a practicing midwife, Anna Humphreys, daughter of a member of staff, to talk to the Year 12s.
She came to the school on Wednesday 20th November. Her visit tied in with the syllabus course topic, which was checks made on mothers during pregnancy, birth and in the post natal period. Her invaluable contribution to helping the students understand and have knowledge of  this aspect of the course was incalculable. She answered questions on many aspects, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, post-natal depression, post-natal psychosis, and newborn top-to-toe screening.
Everyone was fascinated by her stories: a more distressing one was her experience of delivering a baby to a mother who had used drugs, resulting in her baby being removed immediately afterwards, and witnessing the baby’s  withdrawal experience.
She was honest in admitting that she has bad days in her job, but she outlined some strategies for dealing with the more difficult times.
Of interest to those wishing to qualify as a midwife was her journey to being qualified, which has led to a career that has given her autonomy; is fulfilling; and one that she is passionately involved in.
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