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Oli Kerr Open Evening Speech

Oli Kerr Open Evening Speech

GMS thanks Oli Kerr, a new Year 7 student, for giving a speech at Open Evening. His speech is written here for all to read.

“Good evening.

My name is Oli and I would like to talk to you about my time here at Great Marlow School.

On my first day I felt really nervous. I was really, really, really worried about the size of the school; it is much bigger than my primary school, so I was worried about getting lost. My first day took all these worries away, as there were lots of staff and students to help me find my way around the school and to take me to my next lessons.

I was also very excited because I was going to be in secondary school. I knew that meant I would have many more opportunities to learn different things, which hopefully would help me succeed in life. I have enjoyed taking part in many exciting lessons, some I didn’t get to experience at my primary school.

What I do like about Great Marlow School is the many sports and other fun clubs that we have to choose from.

The Redgrave Centre is really “cool”. It’s good that students can use this during their PE lessons. Our school has an amazing rowing club so if your child is interested in rowing this is the place to be!

I like that I have been able to make lots of new friends from different schools, whilst keeping my old friends. If you are shy or struggle to make friends then there are lots of places to go: we even have a friendship club just for Year 7s to meet up at.

Also, if you don’t feel happy or have any worries at all then you can speak to the form tutor or the Learning Guidance and Support team, we call them LGS for short. We also have a school nurse who looks after you when you’re poorly.

I do hope that you enjoy your tour of Great Marlow

Thank you so much for listening.”


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