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Welcome Year 7

Welcome Year 7

Sixth Form Report from Amelia Jones.

This academic year at Great Marlow School, we have taken in 230 students. On 4th September 2019 these Year 7 students embarked on their journey at Great Marlow. For the next five years they will grow into successful young adults and reach, with application, their full potential.

Catching up with the Year 7s on their first few weeks in school was exciting, for much positive feedback was received. One Year 7 said, ” I found it a bit nerve racking because I was new to the school, but I made new friends and the canteen made me feel free, as I could pick what I wanted!”

Whilst anothe r commented,”It was challenging at first, as there is a load of homework, but I have managed to keep up with it.”

General feedback says the school offers a good quality of learning, a chance to make new friends and engaged in new curriculum areas, like sports, drama, music and art.

Our school strives to offer a high class quality experience, so this feedback definitely brings us a step closer to ensuring this is the case for all.



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