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Marlow 5 Milers

Marlow 5 Milers

The Marlow Milers are really touched by all the people who have responded so generously to the Marlow 5 fund-raising initiative: parents, carers and friends have been incredibly generous.  The amount raised has completely smashed the £750 target set: including gift aid the grand total of £920 has been achieved. This is a truly remarkable result and is the highest amount raised in recent years. So a big THANK YOU is sent to everyone who gave so very generously. Further thanks are sent to all the people who joined in on the day, lining the streets to cheer them on; the run was certainly more enjoyable for the participants knowing there was so much support for GMS!
Of course, none of this would have been possible had the runners not signed up as the Marlow Milers, trained and participated. It was the ‘Great Marlow Milers’ who stole the show coming 1st in the Sports & Social Team category. The bar has, certainly, been set high for future events!
FoGMS look forward to building on the great community spirit next year, hopefully more people will join in, inspired by this years huge success. Everyone is welcome.
The Friends of Great Marlow School are incredibly grateful to everyone who supports them. 
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