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Table Tennis Takes Off at GMS

Table Tennis Takes Off at GMS

Table tennis is a fast moving, powerful game played world wide. In the Olympics it is a sport that mesmerises viewers for its fast pace and skill.
GMS students are about to have access to professional quality table tennis tables, because FoGMS has purchased six brand new outdoor table tennis tables; tables for each Key Stage. They are now installed and ready for use.
  • The 3 tables in the opposite corner of the tarmac area, adjacent to the car park, are for Years 7, 8 and  9,
  • The 2 tables by the side of the 6th Form, on the new tarmac area, are for Years 10 and 11
  • The table on the raised patio area, outside the 6th Form, is for use by Years 12 and 13.
GMS do remind all students that the expensive tables are to be treated with respect and used solely for playing the game of table tennis, using  the correct equipment. Under no circumstances are the tables to be moved, or used incorrectly. Students are to provide their own bats and balls that way they invest in the game and generate an ownership of the sport .
Much preparation and hard work goes into every FoGMS fund raising event; the school, on behalf of our children, wishes to praise and thank every member of the FoGMS team and their associates for this generous gift.
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