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Mind Up Yr 7 Information Evening

Mind Up Yr 7 Information Evening

On Wednesday 18th October GMS parents and carers are invited to an information evening in the school hall on a new initiative being introduced called Mind Up.

The Mind Up curriculum has been introduced this September to Year 7, during their tutor time. The aim of the evening is to explain this initiative in detail: the reason for its introduction and the importance of brain breaks to learning. ‘Brain breaks’, are timetabled take place three times each day, so that students learn to re-focus and calm their mind through meditation for a short time. The programme is designed to develop emotional intelligence, improve memory, help relieve anxiety and develop a deeper understanding of how the brain works.

The session will be led by a guest speaker who has experience in this area.

GMS would be appreciative if at least one adult from every family could attend the evening that Miss Clare King
Director of Learning Year 7, has organised.

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