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House Updates

An Update from the House Leads.

It’s been a roaring start from all houses this year, as students are doing their best to contribute towards their House and take first place. From continuous success in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities and House competitions – thousands of House points have been awarded. Let’s have a look at some of the competition results, shall we?

KS3 Creative Writing Competition:
KS3 students were given the opportunity to enter the creative writing competition in October, which involved students either writing a spine-tingling poem or a story with a scary plot. This competition saw Kites taking first place for ‘number of entries’ and also taking first place for ‘best submission’. We had a massive 54 entries, but three entries stood-out among the others.

The winners included:

  • 3rd: Thomas Whiteley (8H2)
  • 2nd: Noah Codron (8E2)
  • 1st: Alex Serrano-White (8K3)

A huge congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who entered – everyone earned points for competing!

Bottle Collecting Competition (for the Remembrance Installation)
Ms Joseph-Stewart held a school-wide competition, where students were tasked with collecting as many plastic bottles as possible for the Remembrance Installation. This saw over 1600 bottles collected, which were used to create the phenomenal piece. This competition saw Eagles taking first place in every year group for ‘most bottles collected’

A special mention goes to Faith Bedford 7E3 for collecting the most bottles (77 in all!)

All students remember, there are plenty of ways to collect House Points, outside  competition time. It’s a matter of showing that you understand and are committed to the GMS’s 6Rs!

The House-Point totals are close and it’s all to play for, so do your best! May the best house win.

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