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Yr9 Wood4Trees

The Year 9, Wood4 Trees 🌳 initiative, led by Mrs Webster, is progressing well. Every month the trees 🌳🌳🌳 have to be nurtured and December is no different. In December the trees require less water, in fact, it is beneficial to allow them to dry out a little because they naturally go into a dormant state as the temperature goes down. 
Students have been encouraged to add a little more soil to the pots if the trees seem to be outgrowing their space. Alternatively, students could improve the number of nutrients by repotting into the same container. At this point, the expert Neil Butler founder of Wood4Trees reports, it is unlikely the saplings are large enough for bigger pots, especially as they are entering the dormant season.
The students have been asked to submit photographs of the trees before the Christmas break.
Thank you Mrs Webster for your update on this initiative.
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