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New Parent App!

New Parent App!

Research for the best product has taken a while, but now Great Marlow School is delighted to announce the launch of our new Groupcall Xpressions product for parents and carers.

Ever striving for better communication with our school community, GMS have opted for a new service provider that offers parents and carers immediate accessibility to online information, on many platforms including web browser, mobile phone, tablet, on either an Android or Apple iOS devices. In a very efficient way, the product boosts the ability of GMS to communicate important information directly to parents and carers.

All that needs to be done is login to or download the Groupcall Xpressions app and create your account. No horrible passwords to remember!

There is easy access via the website: go to the Parents & Carers menu, scroll down to Groupcall Xpressions and select one of the options: Xpressions Login; Xpressions Information Letter; Xpressions Support Page. Alternatively, for quick access click on the image labelled Xpressions, found on the right hand side of the school website.

No parent or carer need miss out on being able to track and monitor their child’s progress through school. Of course, GMS must have up-to-date details of mobile phone numbers and email addresses for this to be a success. If parents or carers have changed mobiles recently, or have a new email address, please contact the school with the new details. Once signed up the app allows access to the school calendar, school progress reports – marks and grades, attendance records, achievement points and behaviour incidents. Moreover, it has the capacity to grow as more requirements are identified.

To ensure communication between the school, parents and carers is first class, it is highly recommended that sign-up happens before the new term in September 2018. Be ready for the first progress report notification through the xpressions app. Please note, new parents and carers will automatically be able to access the app, possibly just before term begins, if not then, certainly in the first week of the new academic year. 

GMS is a school that creates opportunities and strives for excellence, this is a product that promises to help achieve these aims.


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