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The 30 lucky students who attended the National Theatre’s production of Macbeth faced a blackened and elevated stage meaning that none of the gruesome aspects of Shakespeare’s play were lost to them in the further reaches of the Olivier circle. A dark plot documents the rapid descent of “Brave Macbeth” to a “butcher” with Lady Macbeth fuelling their shared ambition. The modern dress, the dilapidated buildings and the black hangings, containing decapitated heads on black poles, all added to the post apocalyptic effect. Interestingly staff overheard  the students compare the play to dystopian fiction and the Mad Max films.

Staff commented on the marvel of Shakespeare, a playwright whose creations can be interpreted in so many different ways; the Year 11s realised that Shakespeare was completely accessible once seen live on a stage. We all agreed that hearing the lines spoken reinforced just how familiar the students are with the play – a real confidence boost.

Macbeth is a GCSE text, the Year 11s lucky enough to see this production have been given an insight into the themes at the heart of the play: nothing can match a live performance.

GMS thank the staff who organised the trip and gave their time to accompany the students. The students behaved impeccably, both in the theatre and on the riverside stroll back to the coach: they were a credit to themselves and the school.

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