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Achieving Personal Best Stickers

Achieving Personal Best Stickers

Children spend much time in school. Primarily they are in the classroom, which is regarded as a a place of learning where progress is made academically. However, education is more than just progressing academically: it is about nurturing students into being confident, rounded individuals.
To this end GMS have introduced a new project, one that will promote leadership expertise: an important life skill that ultimately enhances the employability of our young people.
The ‘My Personal Best’ initiative aims to inspire secondary school students to strive towards developing vital character traits such as empathy, teamwork, resilience and leadership. Positive engagement, even in subjects that one does not excel in, leads to an understanding that all of us have different strengths. It is in valuing the strengths and opinions of others, while keeping true to one’s own beliefs that develops the important ability to empathise. Widening the viewpoint of students encourages greater responsibility, confidence and ability to lead: that is what we wish for your child in GMS.








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