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Royal Albert Hall

The Music Department is fostering the musical talent of the GMS students in a wide and varied way.

Just recently, the Lower School Choir (of students from Years 7-9) had the marvellous experience of performing at that most iconic of musical venues: The Royal Albert Hall. Travelling to London and entering the Royal Albert Hall was a breathtaking experience for students and teachers alike.

The concert, led by Buckinghamshire Music Trust, celebrated the outstanding musical talent of young musicians in Buckinghamshire. The collaboration of the Buckingham schools to form a KS3 choir big enough to fill the Albert Hall’s grand space was an impressive sight. GMS’s choir made up the biggest singing group: something to be proud of.

Our choir performed two songs: ‘Where to Now’ by Pete Churchill and ‘Sing One Song’ by Laura Druce. For many of the students, it was their debut show within the choir, resulting in a memorable experience for all.

Every student displayed a fantastic commitment and resilience in the lead up to the event and performed incredibly well on the day. It made everyone proud of their achievement.

Now, the Lower School Choir is focusing on their next show, which is the GMS Summer Music Concert on Tuesday 18 July.

Many thanks to the Music Department, and their support network, for all the work they did to facilitate this event.

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