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Energize 2023

On Friday March 24th and Saturday March 25th , we were very pleased to participate in Energize 2023. It is an event the Drama Department always looks forward to because it gives our young actors a great experience of performing on a professional stage at The Wycombe Swan, in front of a paying audience.

The piece chosen was based on Pyramus and Thisbe, as used by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; our rendition began with the Shakespearean language of the scene, where the actors were introduced, before taking the story forward set to the music of ‘It Must Be Love’ by Madness.

The small cast started rehearsals in January and worked after school every week. Their commitment was excellent, so it was no surprise that, as the date of performance approached, everything clicked into place.

On the day of the performance, final rehearsals took place at school until 3 pm, before travelling to the Wycombe Swan.

Despite only having a 20-minute rehearsal on the stage, our students’ preparedness and professionalism meant this was enough time to be stage-ready for the evening’s performance.

The best part was when they saw to the changing room allocated to them because they experienced what it was like to be actors in a bigger theatre.

As time was short, we went to MacDonalds and ate together.

Back at the Wycombe Swan, important time was spent in the changing room; it helped prepare the students for the stage. The Stag tannoy system calls acts to the stage, the students waited, seemingly fairly relaxed, while I waited in far greater trepidation than them.

Their nerves began to ‘jitter’ once they were called: 700 people is a much bigger audience than they had experienced before.

Faultlessly, they performed their piece; the humorous lines were accompanied by laughter; the success of the whole was celebrated with loud cheers in the auditorium. I wish everyone could have heard the appreciation of those who enjoyed it. Needless-to-say, the cast was on a high.

Once back in the changing room everyone could relax again.

Success followed into them into the performances on Saturday. I have received some amazing comments from teachers at other schools, the organisers and also, more thrillingly, from the audience members, who were vocal about just how brilliant they were.

Our GMS students have experienced what it is like to be an actor on a bigger scale; I have experienced working with young people who have great acting talent and are professional in their attitude. I hope this inspires them to do more outside school as well as participating in our school productions.

I thank all the parents and carers for their unstinting support; I know how pleased they were with what they saw.

Of course, much appreciation is sent to the Energize team for organising this event; the technical team at the Swan, who ensured the lighting and music was of a professional standard and for treating the students as mature actors.

Congratulations to The Cast

Liam Trainer Year 10,  Callum Woolstencroft Year 9, Finlay Todd Year 9, Daniel Wetenhall Year 9

Leo Bray Year 8, Will Drummond Year 7 Imi Sharp Year10 (Backstage)

This review was written by Mr Ross, who coached the students. GMS thanks him for his dedicated hard work.

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