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Yr7:Careers’ Event

On Tuesday 7th March the whole of Year 7 was involved in a Careers’ Event. They became Career Detectives for the morning!
For a couple of hours, the students enjoyed exploring different careers in an active way. They were visited by a range of people who were from different industries.
The students used their detective skills, through a  range of open and closed questions, to discover what each person did. Once revealed the students were aware of the career, the nature of the work and the qualifications required are uncovered.
It was a fantastic morning that created curiosity, buzz and excitement in the students.
Hearing about the range of work a biologist, an arborist, an A&E nurse, a cycle mechanic, a wildlife photographer amongst other career choices really got them thinking about the paths they would like to take when they are older.
Many thanks to the Year 7 team, led by Mrs Messenger, for staging this super careers’ event.
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