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Yr7-Virtual Reality Experience

A new classroom technology was experienced by GMS’s Year 7s. By participating in 3D virtual reality technology the students were transported into different worlds and settings, which brought the subjects alive.

The voice of one student summed up the impact of the event.

“I really enjoyed doing the virtual reality experience on 19th January. I think it would make a great addition to our learning because when we are learning about fantastic places in geography, we could use the headset to go and see the place. For example, when we are learning about Death Valley we could put on the headset and see it, this could help us understand more about the surroundings in Death Valley. Another example is in history, we could put on the headset and go back in time to be able to see how people used to live and how good or bad their living conditions were compared to ours.

Thank you for letting us do the virtual reality experience.”

A Year 7 student

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