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Biodiversity: Eco-Warriors

Today, the Eco-Warriors were joined for the day by the Chitern Rangers, who came to support the development of GMS’s Biodiversity project.
A total of 33 students from all year groups participated in the activity day.
First on the agenda was a team of students building bird boxes in the D&T workshops. With the support of Mr Shea, 15 bird boxes are now placed around the school – so keep a look out for them!
Next was a tidy up of the plant areas. Mulch was spread to keep the bulbs and plants warm during the frosty months. The mulch was donated and delivered by a local Marlow Tree surgeon; the students worked conscientiously moving wheelbarrows of mulch over to the plant bed areas. Before adding mulch the Eco-Warriors were encouraged to take out the weeds that were growing and also to remove any leaves that were not needed for the mulch to keep the area looking clean and tidy.
With their litter-picking equipment, a dedicated group of litter pickers circulated every area of the school to clean up the environment. It would be marvellous if every member of the school did their best to keep areas free of litter.
Finally – the pond committee met as a group to show the plans and designs to the Rangers to ask for their expert advice on how to proceed. The Rangers gave valuable information on what plants to avoid, and how we can maintain the natural habitat. Everyone is excited: a start has been made towards making the pond area a biodiverse area for all to benefit from.
Many, many thanks to Miss Addy, Mrs Lamming and Mr Shea for all they did to ensure the day was successful.
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