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English Othello Trip

Year 13, along with Mrs Houston and Mrs Sadd, had a lovely trip to London to see Frantic Assembly’s Othello at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith. Othello is a set A-level text, so having the chance to go to the theatre to see it was great for the students.

The whole day was memorable, even the train and tube hopping to reach Hammersmith, was an experience. The students were pleased to meet ‘Chicken’ the pug!

As part of the outing, everyone had a delicious lunch at the theatre.

The modern interpretation, using Shakespearean language, was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Interestingly, the whole play was set around a pool table with a tumult of tunes and interpretative dance.

The end of the play never fails to leave an audience stunned: it is a typical Shakespearean Tragedy – the profoundly sad tragedy of Othello and Desdemona remains with the audience long after the performance has ended.

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