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Yr7&Yr8 House Rugby Autumn Term

Year 7 and Year 8 House Rugby Report.  Year 9 and Year 10 are scheduled for the spring term of 2023.

To round off the autumn curriculum, focused on rugby, non-team rugby players were given the opportunity to experience competitive fixtures through the House system in GMS. By doing this students can show off the development they have all made during curriculum time; it also further increases their confidence in a game that is sometimes tarnished by a stigma related to injury. A mark of success is that Year 8 had 50 students playing – 37 had never played in a competitive fixture. Year 7 had similar numbers, both tournaments were played with tremendous competitiveness but remained a fun-filled positive experience.

Year 7 Competition

Year 7 Rugby December 2022

The Year 7s, who took part in their first House sports competition had a great competition.

The House Captains of Eagles, Kites and Hawks were tasked with fielding as many players as possible for their House  team from students who had not taken part in the school rugby team. Of the 36 who played, 21 had not played for the school team.

Congratulations to the players undertaking a competitive team challenge for the first time; equally well done to the school team players who showed great responsibility by helping the new players on the pitch and making sure they were engaged.

The Hawks took the victory, but the most significant success of the day was how many more students played their first-ever rugby match.

Year 8 Competition

Year 8 Rugby December 2022

As with the Year 7s, the Year 8 rugby competition was a huge success. House Captians enrolled a total of 47 players, to battle on the field of rugby, for their House to win. The matches showed just how much progress the students had made after completing their block of rugby lessons in PE. A total of 29 students played their first-ever rugby match. Their commitment and willingness to “give it a go” can not be applauded enough. Priase for the more experienced players who guided and encouraged because it made the whole experience memorable and worthwhile.

Well done to every single student who made a difference to their own competence in rugby and fought for their House to win.

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