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Parent/Carer Trustee Election

As you will be aware from previous communications there is a vacancy on the Trustee Body for a Parent/ Carer Trustee. The parents/ carers below have put themselves forward for the vacant position and as there are more than two candidates, we are holding a formal election.

The candidates have all provided pen portraits of themselves which are below for your convenience.


Lindsey Abbot

I am a qualified employment lawyer with over 14 years’ experience working in employment law and HR. As a qualified professional, I work with the principles of integrity and confidentiality on a daily basis in my working life. As a lawyer, professional standards require that I am honest and accountable, therefore, I believe that it would be a natural step for me to work with these principles at Trustee level.

Having been involved in the PTA at my daughter’s junior school, I have worked within a school community on a smaller scale and would like the opportunity to contribute to GMS in a meaningful and more supportive way. There is a very strong sense of community in Marlow and I very much enjoy and value being a part of that. I believe that nowhere is that sense of community more important than at our local schools and that is why I would like to be a Trustee at GMS.

On a personal level, bringing up children in Marlow has meant building relationships with different people and making new friends and before my daughter (who is in year 7) joined GMS, we already knew some pupils at the school. I was impressed by those children and all the positive comments from their parents about GMS. I have always been struck by the school’s reputation, I was very happy when my daughter got a place and I am passionate about having the opportunity to contribute to the school’s ethos and vision.

I believe that my role as an employment lawyer would satisfy the identified skills gap for both professional legal and HR and I am very comfortable reading budget reports and data on school standards, as per the Trustee description. I think that my professional experience, my passion and enthusiasm for the Marlow community, the school and education would make me the right fit for this vacancy.

Deborah East

I’m a great fan of Great Marlow School and up until recently have been an active member of the FoGMS team. Although I enjoyed my marketing role within FoGMS I feel it’s time for a change and would like to put my enthusiasm and energy into becoming a Trustee.

My background is Project Management and I’m currently working as an Operations and Marketing Manager, a varied role where I wear many hats.

Last year I worked with Kevin Ford and Mark Ballard on the co-ordination of the Eco Schools Conference, we made great plans and headway however were unable to deliver the conference due to covid. It was a role that I enjoyed and hopefully showed Kevin and Mark the skills that I could bring to the table.

My key strengths are project management and the ability to get on with individuals no matter what background or role they play in life, I like to think of myself as a ‘people person’ who can communicate and encourage individuals on any level. My twin girls are in Year 9 and I can’t fault the support and encouragement that they have received from GMS, I would like to be able to give something back, as a trustee as my way of thanks.

I understand that the trustee board are looking for someone who has either a legal or accountancy background which isn’t me however I have a lot to give, take a look at which will give you a flavour of what I’m about.

If I don’t get nominated for this opportunity then I wish the individual who gets through all the best in their new GMS journey.

Warren Hayward

Began my life in a Comprehensive School in Liverpool. Battled ADHD and Dyslexia and now run my own Publishing company. Care passionately about kids from a varied background and want to give them a support. Having worked with people from all walks of life, I want to bring my experience and insight to bear for a school GMS that does amazing things year in year out on limited resources.

I have often thought about ‘putting something back’ and feel really confident I can bring 30 years of work to bear with people many diverse backgrounds to help the school, its staff and pupils navigate a way forward in terms of strategy, direction and focus.

In a County that still offers selection, every school needs a voice, someone in their corner – I am that voice.

There may applicants more educated, more erudite, but none to match my enthusiasm, drive and focus.

I’d like a shot.

Sarah Louise Murphy

I would like to become a trustee to become more involved in secondary school education and support the welfare of students. I work in the mental health, and learning/ physical disability sector .

I am very passionate about inclusion and equality in learning and education, and that vulnerable students feel they can achieve their goals within their school life. I have worked in safeguarding for the local authority and I am a qualified social worker.

I am outgoing and a good public speaker, I’ve been an advocate for domestic violence for many years running support groups holding topical and structured debates. I have co-chaired safe guarding meetings for child protection cases. I have been a Mackenzie friend for the Criminal and civil justice system attending court cases with vulnerable people. Speaking in court arenas.

I fully understand data protection and information sharing also confidential/ data protection policies.

I have good ideas, can work outside the box if needed, have a fun and positive outlook and can meet people and engage well in different situations.

I can take minutes, I have good organisational skills and can delegate tasks when needed, I work well in a group, and have good peer support. I can challenge when needed in a good and positive way. I am a good listener. I think I can add a fresh dynamic approach to becoming a trustee.

Liz Owen

GMS is an incredible school, and I’ve been fortunate enough to know some of the outstanding teachers who inspire, support and care greatly for our children. I feel I could contribute as someone with strong connections within the local community, alongside a long career as Head of Public Relations for an international retailer, managing national press and shareholders alike and then running my own PR agency here in Marlow for other London based retailers and agencies. Marketing, PR and Social Media Management are my key skills, – my career did require budget management, but it was a small part of what I did.

How Voting will work

Each parent/ carer with a child at GMS has one vote in the election and can place their vote for their chosen candidate via an MS Form which will be emailed to all parent/ carers separately. To ensure that each person only votes once, we are requesting that you do put your name and child’s name on the form, this information will be strictly confidential. All information related to the election voting process will be deleted within 28 days of Monday 15th November.

The ballot opens on Friday 22nd October 2021 at 12.00pm and closes at 4pm on Monday 15th November 2021.

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