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Top Tips For Revision

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Mrs Craig, Director of Learning KS4, has initiated a “Weekly Top Tip” for parents and carers to help them support students through the GCSE examination period.

When written examinations are nearing, it is essential that students begin to prepare; they should now be undertaking revision in the evenings and at weekends.

TOP TIP #1 Have a Goal or Target

All students should decide upon their “Post 16 – Next Step”. Doing this in a timely fashion results in reduced additional pressure and stress over the long term. Many students have already applied for a place in the Sixth Form at Great Marlow, a college placement or an apprenticeship. It is advisable that they have a back-up plan, which has a lower entry criteria, just to cover all possible examination outcomes.

By taking this first step, students will be able to focus all their attention on preparing for their examinations.

TOP TIP #2 Devise a Weekly Revision Timetable

Devise a Weekly Revision Timetable that takes into consideration the demands of the workload lessons generate. It is important that the initial timetable should be reviewed on a weekly basis. The benefits of doing this are many: a reflection of the previous week can take place; commitments for the week ahead can be factored in; the overview and direction of travel for success is revisited and revised frequently.

Mrs Craig advises that students should plan their timetable with parents and carers.

She also advises the following:

  • A copy of the timetable should be printed and displayed so everyone in the house knows when important revision is occurring, and importantly when they are on a break.
  • All non-revision commitments should be inserted: swimming training, family commitments, music practice, etc.
  • Each revision session should build towards 40 minutes concentrated focus on an achievable goal.
  • Half terms and end of term holidays do provide the opportunity to plan for the equivalent of a school day of five hours, split into 40 minute sessions.
  • Revisiting the specific subject guidance, to be found in the personalised revision booklet provided to students before Christmas.

Top Tip #3: Avoid distractions

When revising it is important that your child has no distractions to ensure the time is beneficial. We recommend the following principles;

  • Agree a dedicated work space and time
  • Turn mobile phone off and leave in a different room (non-negotiable unless essential eg. PiXL apps)
  • Remove gaming devices or handsets
  • Access to water and snacks

Ensure the rest of family avoids distracting the revision session. Music, TV and even conversations in the background can be very distracting.

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