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Literacy & Numeracy Funding

Year 7 Catch up Plan

The school received £13,559 in April 2019 to support students who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of Key Stage 2 in 2018.

Students identified as not achieving the expected standard in reading were supported through a 1:1 intervention – Catch-Up Literacy as recommended by Greg Brooks – What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties? Published 2013 by The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust.

Additionally, students used Lexia, an online reading phonics software, in order to further develop their reading, alongside the Accelerated Reader programme run through the library lesson once a fortnight.

Students identified as not achieving the expected standard in maths were supported through a 1:1 intervention – Numeracy Catch-up in two, thirty minute, sessions per week. The numeracy trained staff continued to support the students in applying this knowledge in the classroom.


26 students were identified as not being secondary ready.

62% of students completed Catch-up Literacy by the end of Year 7 and reached Level 12 of the scheme.

The remaining students will continue for a short time in Year 8 to complete the programme. A number of these students did not start the intervention until the summer term once other candidates had completed the course.

100% of students achieved at least one Lexia level of progress through the completion of this program; 67% achieved at least two Lexia levels of progress. Those students who completed at least 20 minutes at home in addition to the 40 minutes per week at school, made the most progress.


33 students were identified as not being secondary ready for maths at Key Stage 2; however, following internal assessment 19 students were considered to be within the average range and therefore 14 students were selected for more intensive support.

86% of students achieved the necessary numeracy level during the programme; these students were proficient and confident in the use of the 4 main operations; these students have had the highest attendance which is vital for the success of interventions. The remaining 2 students are continuing to receive catch up into Year 8 and all students are receiving targeted support within their maths lessons.

Additionally, students identified as not being secondary ready were in classes with high adult to student ratio, which enabled them to have greater 1:1 support during maths lessons. These lessons included repeated overlearning at a pace appropriate to the needs of the individuals in the lesson.

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