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    300 Club Winners: FoGMS

    February 8th, 2023

    The FoGMS team sends congratulations to all the 300 Club Winners of this academic year. “The winners of the January 300 Club draw were Cleo, who won the £150 prize with number 275 and Richard, who took home the runner up prize of £50 this month with the number 183. Congratulations to you both. They join […]

    Uniform Sale & Lost Property

    February 6th, 2023

    Many lost property items languish for a long time and are never claimed in the GMS lost property area. On Saturday 11th February FoGMS is endeavouring to sort through the lost property items. In the past, they have photographed items and posted information on Facebook and they will do the same again. However, FoGMS are […]

    300 Club: FoGMS

    November 2nd, 2022

    FoGMS have launched their 2022-2023 Lottery 300 Club and are inviting parents, carers, friends, staff and governors present and past to join in. How it Works A payment of £20 for the year is made via BACS to the 300 Club. (You can of course have more than one number in the draw if you […]

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