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Solar Panels: Yr 11 Pod

Just recently, there was a virtual meeting with Miss Addy, GMS Eco-students and Next Day Solar: a representative of this company advised on the installation of solar panels on the Year 11 Pod.
The information from the meeting gave GMS two viable options: one to install a basic inverter with a lithium battery that would run some items in the pod from the solar panels.
Option 2, is to connect the solar panels to the national grid. In this scenario, the solar panels would top up the battery and any additional energy required (for example, in the winter months) would be taken from the grid. Using the second method, additional energy generated would also supply other areas of the school.
Next, the school will send a photograph showing all the electrical items inside the pod to the company. With this information, a load calculation will be made to estimate the amount of power needed to fuel the pod. Once this information is collected, Next Day Solar will send costings for the two pack options for us to purchase.
There is a hope that, if decisions are made promptly, installation could happen on the 9th of June, which is GMS’s electricity-free day.
This is truly an exciting development and shows how pro-active the Eco-Movement is in GMS: thank you to all involved in taking this new initiative forward.
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